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After Effects 21st March (part 2)

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MA Graphic Design - Introduction to Animation in After Effects with Steve May

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008 3D camera Tracking - Video for Interiors - AE

Video for Interiors - After Effects 3D camera Tracking

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006 Simple Animation and 2.5D - Video for Interiors - AE

Video for Interiors - Simple Animation using keyframes, layers from Photoshop and making basic 2.5D animation

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Virtual Tour of The Grove Facilities

A tour of the facilities in The Grove, specific to the BA Animation and BA 3D Animation & Games directorate.

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MEERKATS 'OUTTAKES' 3D CG advert directed by Darren Walsh, produced by Passion Pictures, UK 2011.

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Clip of week 16 and 17 - Assessment Rebrief and AR/VR Lecture_1

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Digital maufacture orientation

An intro to the area

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