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Curse I.: YAGA - Peter Krsiak (aka Tom Timothy Yugen) (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen She is waiting inside of you. She is still there and she is still hungry. Better to meet her before she starts feeding herself. If you hear biting, it may be too late. You can run,…

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Sobremesa - Marta Guerra Doblas (Thur)

Sobremesa: upon the table – literal translation from Spanish “the tradition of relaxing at the table after a heavy meal”.

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Embody Gravity - Diana Oliveira - Installation Walk Through (Fri)

Immersive installation performance Gravity is a universal attraction force that acts on all matter. As a result, human bodies are naturally drawn to…

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Genesis - Gabriel Bonet, Madison Cairns, Maria Ruggiero, Zuzanna Suchorab (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen (Contains flashing images) The formation of the Earth is a mystery to us all. Some have their theories, others have their speculations.…

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Journey - Halia St Louis (Fri)

The piece is called Journey which is about life and movement through dance. The inspiration I gathered to create this piece was from the word lines which had an influence on my movement.

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Trancendence - Eden Blu Ferreira (Fri)

A person embarking on a joourney of transcendence through the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). Exploring the transitions/spiritual journey through a contact duet, choreography and…

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Good Grief - Brandon Sutherland-Parker (Fri)

Grief, come in, take a seat, this will take as long as it takes. A self-reflective piece on trauma, grief and dealing, fully sitting in the emotions and having faith you will make it…

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