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Hanieh Ayat - Fri Wk24

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Animating with shape layers in After Effects

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DAN3644 Wk 11 22-23 - Gabriel Bonet - Thur

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Gloved (Elizabeth Brown)

MDX Dance Society Showcase 2021-22

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Rec- Feb 22, 2022 12:11 PM - MUM_CST 3340.mp4

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Hybrid and Livestream Classroom Demo Session

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Live Streaming Classroom Demo Sept 2021

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Classroom Mic and Cam Options

This is a video walkthrough over the microphone and camera options available in our classrooms.

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GODARD, Jean Luc - UNE FEMME EST UNE FEMME tItle sequence - 1961 France

Godard created his own titles. He had a very particular and personal approach to this medium of expression, which he used to claim his own vision of cinema. The short title sequence, plays with the…

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An introduction to the types of fabrics available from the Grove Stores.

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Diagrams of chemistry apparatus and educational film footage react and combine in this quirky interpretation of the poem Modes of Representation by Nobel Laureate chemist Roald Hoffmann. The film…

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photoshop 14 - Making and Customising a Brush

Video 14 (photoshop) How to make your own brushes to use in your designs, and how to customise these settings to give variation.

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photoshop 13 - Editing Layers

Video 13 (photoshop) Exploring layer properties and how these can change your designs.

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Lighting Tutorial - Video basics - CAPE

Created by Luca D'Angelo and Viktoria Skljarova

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