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Shoes & Satire - Louise Kelsey - Thur Eve - Wide Panasonic - Wk28

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Momentary (Joe Grisdale)

MDX Dance Society Showcase 2021-22

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Together (Robyn McDonald)

MDX Dance Society Showcase 2021-22

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The Piano - Hanieh Ayat (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen Can you hear my notes?

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Agency - Carolina Vidal (Dance on Screen - motion capture animation)

Motion Capture animation - Dance on Screen by Carolina Vidal. See seperate clips for a walk through of the immersive installation showing of this piece, and documenting the motion capture recording.…

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Wabi Sabi - Marta Gimeno Nafria, Filipa Santos (Thur)

A piece based on gravity and elasticity where the appreciation of beauty is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. With the collaboration of Kim Minsu we explored different points of view about…

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Embody Gravity - Diana Oliveira - Installation Walk Through (Fri)

Immersive installation performance Gravity is a universal attraction force that acts on all matter. As a result, human bodies are naturally drawn to…

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Rhea in Wonderland - Rhea Johnson (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen Trapped inside with no way out. Rhea dances her way through each room in the house to find comfort in her predicament.

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Genesis - Gabriel Bonet, Madison Cairns, Maria Ruggiero, Zuzanna Suchorab (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen (Contains flashing images) The formation of the Earth is a mystery to us all. Some have their theories, others have their speculations.…

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When Stillness Speaks - Nadia Butt (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen When stillness speaks the void turns from emptiness, To a formless divinity of loving awareness. When stillness speaks, no words or thoughts are needed, Awaken to the volume…

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Stages - Nicolae Matei-Negruser (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen This piece showcases the self-destructive habits some resort to in order to drown out negative feelings and forget the pain. Although this seems like a story of hopelessness and…

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Memories in 120 film - Adrianna Bobowicz - Dance on Screen part

Memories in 120 film is a dance work presented in the form of an exhibition. It is a collaboration between Dance, Film, and Photography. The concepts explored are memories, the development…

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Relentless - Katie Denneny, Lucy Jukes, Ellie Toy (Fri)

Our inspiration for this work is taken from the mechanical artwork by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu named 'Can't Help Myself'.

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Introspection - Chloe Barker, Saskia Argent-Bowie (Fri)

Analysis of one's own emotional processes. Emotions have no gender, don't lock yours in the dark.

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Figures - Taylor Agarrat, Marie Palmer (Fri)

This piece was inspired by the magic that is made when the body intercepts rays from a light source.

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Awake behind the eyes - Molly Fray, Scarlet Hurford (Fri)

Being in a state of pure confusion, when your mind is awae but your body is still asleep. Can you imagine being stiuck in a constant loop as a prisoner trapped in your own body?

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