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MDXcelerator Dubai_2024_Law and Intellectual Property Workshop by Deena Bhoyroo

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Rec - Jun 24, 2024 1:30 PM - MUM CST1340 Feb 24

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EPP_19 June 2024_Panel Discussion_The Power of AI to Transform Industries_Rabia Arif and Leonnie

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MDXcelerator Day 8_19 June 2024_Accounting and Taxation_Richatd Jones and Sallt Wang

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EPP Session_18 June 2024_Creating a Career Development_Zee Mohammed

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Presentation Skills and Conferences - Diane Purchase

This workshop will focus on how to successfully prepare and deliver oral and poster presentations. We will examine the similarities and differences of the two and discuss what qualities contribute…

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EPP_14 June 2024_Apply AI_Lisa Rajapaksa and Jake Whetcombe

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MDXcelerator Session_Day 4_Yovanie Sevanandee_From a bare idea to Inception

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EPP_13 June 2024_Smart Applications_Dominic Laskowski

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MDXcelerator Day 2_11 June 2024_From 0 to 1.6mil_Abdurrahman Sagir

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EPP_11 June 2024_Writing a CV with Chat GPT_Matt Lewis

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MDXcelerator Day 1_10 June 2024_Introduction Sessison

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Conferencing part 2: preparing to present, fielding the questions

Following on from Conferences: Part 1, this session will focus on how to feel adequately prepared for presenting at conferences. You will be introduced to some common pitfalls and errors that are…

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Giving Effective Presentations led by Inderjit Grewal

This workshop is led by Inderjit Grewal.This session is delivered by the Learning Enhancement Team and it is aimed at guiding research students on how to deliver effective presentations. The session…

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Bringing your abstract to the gym

This session will was led by Dr Tim FreemanAbstracts in academic papers are crucial to get right. A well-crafted abstract increases the likelihood of avoiding 'desk-reject' by journal…

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Creating a Good Poster by Mark Wilkinson

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