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Online wellbeing platforms

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A holistic approach to student wellbeing at MDX

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Rec- Nov 16, 2021 5:25 PM - MUM_4510_2021_2022.mp4

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Middlesex Strategy 2031 (12/10/2021)

Online session for partners, 12 October 2021 Professor Nic Beech, Vice-Chancellor Middlesex University London

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Breaking down job descriptions (Job boards)

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Psychometric Assessment for Career Planning

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Child Development - October 1st 2021, 1:26:31 pm

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Welcome to PDE1215 v3

Version 3 for 2021/22

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21-22: Your online wellbeing platforms

Hear from students Gabriel, Kisho and Emily as they tell you about why they use Fika and TogetherAll.

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21-22: What is Fika?

Watch this short introductory video to the Fika app.

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21-22: Fika: meet Asher and learn about mental fitness

Join Asher to hear about the Fika app. Learn about the 7 skills of mental fitness, how Fika will support you with your wellbeing, and how to download the app and get started.

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21-22: RfA Health and Wellbeing Checklist

Join Student Wellbeing Coordinator Vanessa for a quick checklist of things you can be doing as a new or returning student to support your health and wellbeing.

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A Career with Big Bang 360

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Cover Letters Workshop - 27 05 2021

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CVs & Cover Letters 19-05-2021

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