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Rec- Feb 21, 2023 12:38 PM - MUM_CST 3340

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007 AE cameras - Video for Interiors - AE

Video for Interiors - Using Cameras in After Effects

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Week 22 session recording

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Session recording week 21 pt 2.mp4

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Quality Processes (9/2/2021)

Link Tutor Workshop Presentation from 9 February 2021 Nicola Johnson, Deputy Head of Academic Quality Assurance Alison Coates, Quality Enhancement Manager Academic Quality Service

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Rec- Feb 23, 2021 10:08 AM - MUM_CST 3340.mp4

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182 Session recording week 18

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181 Pre sessional video: non concurrent forces

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15. Self-Organising Maps

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14. Clustering Algorithms

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13. Introduction to Clustering and Classification

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Building Online Communities Jan 2021.mp4

This CAPE webinar will take you through key considerations when promoting a sense of community online with your students.

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131 ODEs session recording

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Low VS High Power Distance

In high power distance cultures teachers are seldom questioned. While in low power distance cultures to ask questions of a teacher or even to disagree is expected or maybe even required for learning.

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Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

LOOK UP YOUR COUNTRY Visit my website: If you love my lessons, you could buy me a coffee! :) :)…

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Inside Ben & Jerry's Social Mission

Learn more about social entrepreneurship at Ben & Jerry's Director of Global Social Mission shares insight into how the American ice cream company…

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