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Accessing eresources

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Classroom Mic and Cam Options

This is a video walkthrough over the microphone and camera options available in our classrooms.

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Search, Transcript and Tags

The search tool is a powerful way for people to dynamically find for information within videos, find out how it works.

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Online branding Part 3 of 3 - Promoting Your Brand

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Library and Student Support (9/2/2021)

Link Tutor Workshop Presentation from 9 February 2021 Helen Matthews, Transnational Library Liaison Manager Library and Student Support

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Library Search Extras - August 27th 2020, 1:36:23 pm

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Sharing Your Screen Zoom

This video covers screen sharing and related Zoom collaboration tools.

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Joining & Configuring Zoom Audio & Video

Learn the options for joining and configuring Zoom's audio and video settings.

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Recording a Zoom Meeting

Zoom offers easy recording. Learn how to make a recording and configure the recording settings.

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Zoom Closed Caption

Closed Caption from Zoom allows users to assign transcription duties to a Zoom participant. Assign Closed Caption and the participant will be able to type in a transcript of the event. Watch this…

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