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NSPC Library Introduction January 2024

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Library Support 16 Nov-23

Link Tutor Introduction 16 November 2023

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Rec- Oct 12, 2023 1:06 PM - IFP CS SAT0600MS0207IFP0640

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Finding Resources on your Reading List

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Learning Resources, Library and Student Support (1/12/2022)

Link Tutor Workshop Presentation (1 Dec 2022) Jamie Halstead, Library Liaison Manager Library and Student Support Link Tutor Workshop Presentation (1 Dec 2022)…

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LSS welcome 2023

Revised LSS welcome talk voiced version

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Getting Started: Library Search

How to access and use Library Search to find MDX library resources.

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Getting Started: Accessing VLE eBooks

How to access eBooks on the VLE platform and download them for offline reading.

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Getting Started: Online Reading Lists

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Kaltura Capture App Walkthrough

This guide will show our the workings of our screen recording app. Video file locations on computer: …

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How to log in to Westlaw

This video shows two different routes to access the Westlaw database

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Literature Searching: Google Scholar

How to enable Library Links on Google Scholar to find resources available on Middlesex University Library and Search on Google Scholar.

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25.01 Lab: IT Basics

How to access reading lists and module handbooks How to access assessment and programme handbooks Intro to OneDrive, MS Word Online & collaboration through Office 365

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Library and Student Support (10/11/2021)

Video from Link Tutor Workshop, 10 November 2021 Helen Matthews, Transnational Library Liaison Manager Library and Student Support

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Unihub video

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Unihub with captions final

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