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Eliza Taggart - Fri

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Amy Taylor - Thur Wk11

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Rec- Sep 27, 2023 1:19 PM - ACC1115 Agnes Session

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Restoration - Leroy Dias Dos-Santos - Fri Eve - Wide Panasonic - Wk28.MTS

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31.05 Lab - Website GroupWork

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Stages - Nicolae Matei-Negruser (Dance on Screen)

Dance on Screen This piece showcases the self-destructive habits some resort to in order to drown out negative feelings and forget the pain. Although this seems like a story of hopelessness and…

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FOUCHET, Jean - THE MAN FROM RIO title sequence - 1964 France

One of France’s most well-known title designers Jean Fouchet created a highly innovative animated title sequence using strips of colored paper offset with dynamic typography for L’Homme…

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Big Train is a British television sketch show created by Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan. The first series was broadcast on BBC Two in 1998, while the second, in which Linehan was not involved,…

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SMITH, John Smith - The Girl Chewing Gum - 1976 UK

The Girl Chewing Gum 1976 is a 16 mm black and white film with sound by the British artist John Smith. The film consists of two camera shots. The first occupies the major portion of the film and is…

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MDF Sheet

An introduction to MDF Sheets available from the Grove Stores.

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Birch Ply

An introduction to Birch Ply Sheets available from the Grove Stores.

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Aero Ply

An introduction to Aero Ply Sheets available from the Grove Stores.

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How to Give a Better Speech: Talk to a Dog | The New York Times

At American University’s Kogod School of Business, students can hone their public speaking skills in front of nonjudgmental “audience dogs.” Produced by: A.J. CHAVAR AND SHANE…

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