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MDX Business Databases: Mintel

How to search and browse on Mintel and what information you will find.

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Masterclass 3 - Financial Modelling

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Getting Started: Cite Them Right Online

How to access Cite Them Right Online and use it to check your citations and references.

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MDX Business Databases: WARC

How to search and browse the WARC (World Advertising Research Centre) database.

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Masterclass 2 - Marketing

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Bloomsbury Publishing

Leading independent publishing house, offering a short talk, with plenty of time left for questions, about the paths into publishing and career prospects in the industry.

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How to harness setbacks positively.mp4

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Relfections on your degree

Your degree is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd, with the specialist subject knowledge you have gained and the skills and attributes you have developed as part of your course. But how…

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Cyber Duck

Danny Bluestone, the founder and CEO of Cyber-Duck, will be delivering a talk on his journey from graduation to today, including the roles a company like Cyber-Duck hire, internship opportunities and…

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From engineering to influencer marketing entrepreneur

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