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MDXcelerator 2022/23 - Programme Introduction

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Search, Transcript and Tags

The search tool is a powerful way for people to dynamically find for information within videos, find out how it works.

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Kaltura Advanced Training Session

This session covers the advanced elements of Kaltura, such as editing, hotspots, sharing and the quiz function.

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How to Share your Media Content on MDXplay

This video will show you how to make content shareable.

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MDXplay Channels and How to Use Them.

This video will teach you how to use MDXplay channels as an effective means of delivering media content to staff and students.

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Embedding Videos into Module Spaces

This video will show you how to embed videos onto your module spaces and also show you a few pro tips on how to improve presentation.

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Ordering and Editing Kaltura Captions

This video will teach you how to order and edit captions within minutes.

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Adding Co-Owners, Attachments and Enabling the Download Option

This video will show you all the metadata features that you can modify, Such as: adding files to a video, allowing a download option, changing the video name and description and more.

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Kaltura Video Hotspots

Hotspots enable users to add live hyperlinks, text and allow viewers to skip to certain points in a video. This video will show you what hotspots are and how they can be used to enhance your…

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