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Rec - Jun 13, 2024 11:14 AM - MRU Presentation CAPE

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Kickstarting Session 3 - Ethical Researcher & GDPR - 06.02.2024

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Presentation Skills for Competitions - 15.12.2022 - LET

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Express Capture Overview

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Rec- Jan 11, 2022 10:35 AM - MUM_CST 3340.mp4

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Data Protection and Data Sharing (28/10/2021)

Online session for partners, 28 October 2021 Thami Nomvete, Senior Legal Adviser Student Affairs

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GDPR and Subject Access Requests (28/10/2021)

Online session for partners, 28 October 2021 Tristan Mills, Legal Assistant Student Affairs

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Opening Adobe Scan PDF in photoshop

Using Adobe Scan App to import your scans into photoshop.

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Evaluating Academic Sources

Worksheet: This video describes the key points / questions of the C.R.A.A.P test and helps you understand how to use it to evaluate whether a…

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Evaluating Sources

A tutorial describing how to evaluate sources. Contact us for more assistance. Evaluating Sources by Western Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons…

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What the company of the future will look like | FT

The continuing attempt to restore trust in business - badly damaged during the financial crisis - has led to a shift in corporate purpose. The FT's Andrew Hill examines what is driving it and…

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