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Conferencing part 2: preparing to present, fielding the questions

Following on from Conferences: Part 1, this session will focus on how to feel adequately prepared for presenting at conferences. You will be introduced to some common pitfalls and errors that are…

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Advanced Library Skills 4 Researchers - Jodie Ward

This session covers the following topics (flexibly, depending on the needs of those attending): - Synching Google Scholar with Middlesex University Library and setting up alerts - Citation…

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Conferences Part 1: Finding your tribe and preparing an abstract

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RefWorks 4 Researchers

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Scheduling Your FMP

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ANI3001 FMP Pre Production brief & Refining the Animatic lecture Monday 16th October

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MSO207 - Introduction

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Rec- Sep 25, 2023 2:58 PM - IFP CS SAT0600MS0207IFP0640

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Session 5c_ Performance for futures - participatory futures-oriented approaches to employability-20230615_153417-Meeting Recording

ALTC 2023 Session 5c

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EPP 2023_How to talk about yourself like a superhero

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Animating with shape layers in After Effects

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After Effects 21st March (part 3)

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10 minute Interview Prep March 2023

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Amending bank account details for hourly paid staff - Using PAFIS for Hourly-Paid Staff

Using PAFIS for Hourly-Paid Staff- Amending Bank Details. A quick demonstration and notes to remember to help hourly-paid staff update their bank details. You can find written instructions in the…

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10 minute CV_Jan 2023

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Oscar nominated Middlesex alumna Joanna Quinn talks about her life and work in animation.

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