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Lecture 25.01.22 Introduction

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Diverse placement opportunities in Europe and internationally, available for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, as well as recent graduates and alumni.

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Fashion Mentoring Programme

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Pier - Middlesex Student Counselling and Mental Health Manager

Get a quick snapshot of strategies and activities that you undertake yourself to practice self-care, what you are probably already doing right and you don’t know it, and a brief reminder of…

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Week 20 Coursework session part 1

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photoshop 4- Erasing

Video 4 (photoshop) Using our flower jpeg we will learn how to cut out and edit this as an element to design with. How to Edit your selection, to Erase.

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The SQ3R Reading Method

To find out more about the SQ3R method, check out our article at: Think about how…

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Let's teach for mastery -- not test scores | Sal Khan

Would you choose to build a house on top of an unfinished foundation? Of course not. Why, then, do we rush students through education when they haven't always grasped the basics? Yes, it's…

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