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Capture One 21 Tutorials | Customizing the Interface

The interface in Capture One is highly customizable. Learn how to adjust the interface to suit your needs and style of working. Photographer credit: Russell Ord -…

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Capture One 21 Tutorials | Exposure and Contrast

Photo credit | Zoe Noble - Learn about the various ways in which you can adjust exposure and contrast in Capture One. In the first half of the tutorial…

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Capture One 21 Tutorials | Importing and Organizing Your Photos

Photo credit | Russel Ord - Photo credit | David Grover - Photo credit | Alexander Flemming -…

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Capture One 21 Live | Get the most out of Layers

Layers make every tool in Capture One more useful and more targeted. Even though Capture One’s suite of tools offer precision editing, on occasion its necessary to target your edits with a…

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Capture One 21 Tutorials | Color Editor

Photo credit | Ausra Babiedaite - The Color Editor is one of the most powerful tools in Capture One Pro. Rapidly edit colours with the Direct Color…

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Capture One 21 Tutorials | Exporting Photos

Photo credit | Blake Pope - Get started with exporting in Capture One. Learn how to easily control the format, size and location. Export to JPG, TIFF, PSD…

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Capture One 21 Tutorials | Interface Explained

Photo credit | Russel Ord - Get familiar with the interface of Capture One in 4 minutes. Learn how to navigate, find the tools you need and use…

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Kaltura Professional Session

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