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Presentation Skills and Conferences - Diane Purchase

This workshop will focus on how to successfully prepare and deliver oral and poster presentations. We will examine the similarities and differences of the two and discuss what qualities contribute…

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MDXcelerator Day 1_10 June 2024_The 5Ps of Your Business Pitch and Eco-entrepreneurship_Dr Christopher Moon

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Conferencing part 2: preparing to present, fielding the questions

Following on from Conferences: Part 1, this session will focus on how to feel adequately prepared for presenting at conferences. You will be introduced to some common pitfalls and errors that are…

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Giving Effective Presentations led by Inderjit Grewal

This workshop is led by Inderjit Grewal.This session is delivered by the Learning Enhancement Team and it is aimed at guiding research students on how to deliver effective presentations. The session…

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Creating a Good Poster by Mark Wilkinson

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Pitch your Thesis in three minutes - by Prof. Kurt Barling

Learn to pitch your thesis effectively in just 3 minutes! Join our seminar and discover how to grab attention with a captivating introduction, define your problem statement clearly, outline your…

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Writing a Good Abstract - Dr Paula Bernaschina - 06.03.2024

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Leroy+yr2 - Thur Wk12

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Hanieh Ayat - Fri Wk24

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Presentation Skills for Competitions - 15.12.2022 - LET

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Rec- Nov 24, 2022 1:14 PM - MUM_APM2002

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APM2002: Week 3 13th Oct 2022

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08.03 Seminar S3 cont

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08.03 Lecture S3

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From engineering to influencer marketing entrepreneur

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