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EPP_19 June 2024_Panel Discussion_The Power of AI to Transform Industries_Rabia Arif and Leonnie

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EPP_14 June 2024_Apply AI_Lisa Rajapaksa and Jake Whetcombe

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MDXcelerator Session_Day 4_Yovanie Sevanandee_From a bare idea to Inception

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EPP_13 June 2024_Smart Applications_Dominic Laskowski

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EPP_12 June 2024_Career Opportunities 2030_Wendy Sale and Jack Tims

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EPP_11 June 2024_Writing a CV with Chat GPT_Matt Lewis

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RefWorks 4 Researchers

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EPP_Get Into Teaching

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Session 5c_ Performance for futures - participatory futures-oriented approaches to employability-20230615_153417-Meeting Recording

ALTC 2023 Session 5c

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Session 2a How not to be average...-20230615_120536-Meeting Recording

Session 2a How not to be average: increasing employability by fostering imagination and creativity, Heather Shipman, Elizabeth Matar. ALTC 2023

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EPP 2023_How to talk about yourself like a superhero

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EPP 2023_Data Analytics Project Challenge: Government Operational Research Service

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EPP 2023_Routes Into Teaching: Writing a Quality Teacher Training Application

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Networking Workshop - MDXworks Matt Lewis 22.06.2022

Who you know’ can be as important as ‘what you know’. Some employers hire exclusively through recommendations, so if you’re not networking, you could be missing out! Join…

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How to articulate your story - interviewing

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