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Rec- Nov 24, 2022 2:23 PM - MUM_APM2002

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APM2002: Week 2 6th Oct 2022

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APM2002: Week 1 29th Sept 2022

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13/04 MDX IFP Taster Sessions - School of Business, Innovation and Creativity

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MDX Career Festival 2022 - Wednesday 23rd Feb 2022 - Big Bang, Simplicity, gt3web and BAW

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MDX Career Festival 2022 - Monday 14 Feb 2022

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MDX Career Festival - Tuesday 8th Feb 2022

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TPICAP Securities

A global firm listed on the London Stock Exchange and constituent of FTSE 250 Index. The discussion will highlight the many ways graduates can have access to banking roles, preparing for different…

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PA Consulting

A valuable insight into the role of a management consultant from an innovation and transformation-driven consultancy. Providing a view of the recruitment journey and valuable advice on how to…

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Cover Letters Workshop - 27 05 2021

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Employability Presentation - EbenGate Mauritius edited

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Career Pathways in the Legal Field – An insight from BLC Roberts and Associates

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FDM Group

Information about FDM's graduate programme and roles available within technology consulting. Why choose the FDM Technical Graduate Programme?The FDM Technical Graduate Programme offers you the…

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Tern Heads: How to Get a Job in the Creative Industries

Guest Presentation: How to Get a Job in the Creative IndustriesFind out what you can be doing right now to start to building your network, CV and portfolio in order to stand the best chance of speedy…

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Rec- Mar 4, 2021 4:32 PM - PSY 4046.mp4

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FDM-Mdx - Introduction to FDM

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