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Prof. Richard Bayford, Professor of Biophysics & Engineering

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Learning and Teaching Practices (5/10/2021)

Online session for partners, 5 October 2021 Marta Sobotka, Senior Academic Developer, CAPE Amil Mohanan, Educational Technologist, CAPE

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Introduction to H5P

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Camera Raw and basic retouching

Camera Raw editing White balance Levels Curves Masking Select subject Gradient map Dodge and burn Save for web

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008 3D camera Tracking - Video for Interiors - AE

Video for Interiors - After Effects 3D camera Tracking

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Session recording pt 1.mp4

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week 5 - Finishing up - class recording.mp4

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Week 3: Making Selections - Class Recording

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Week 2: Removing Detail - Class Recording

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Week 1: Brushes and Layers - Class Recording

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Digital Camera Setup

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Mt. Head (Atamayama) is a 2002 anime short film. It was nominated at the 75th Academy Awards in the category of Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.[1][2] It is based on Japanese rakugo of the…

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Camera Obscura construction

Here is a 'how to' video for the camera obscura kits. If you haven't got a kit then this is a good place to start if you want to build your own or to see the basic mechanisms of a…

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Week 2: Removing Unwanted Details - Video Tutorial

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Clip of week 16 and 17 - Assessment Rebrief and AR/VR Lecture_2

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captioning images

Guidance on captioning images for your essay. This video walks you through the process of using the library's guides on captioning, showing you the process of adding captions to an image,…

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