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MDX Career Festival 2022 - Friday 11.02.2022 (BLC Roberts, Objectivity, ICAEW)

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Thursday 17th Feb 2022 (the Brand house, SD Worx, Little Big Connection, Crowe ATA, Talent Lab, DTOS)

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Elevator Pitch

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Breaking down job descriptions (Job boards)

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How to harness setbacks positively.mp4

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Rocking an interview

Want to alleviate those nerves you get ahead of an interview? Join this session to go through our top tips and preparation advice to help you get that little more confident! You will discover how…

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Applying for summer internships or work experience

Internships are a great way to get to know the industry you want to work for as well as giving you some practical skills. Not only this but, it will also make your CV more attractive to an employer…

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Workshop recording How to talk about yourself

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Pop-up Session: Assessment Centres and Online Interviews

Assessment centres are a big part of recruitment stages including graduate positions and training contracts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have moved these assessment centres online and…

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Software Developer Recruitment Day with EXFO

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FDM-MDx Video-Virtual Interview Workshop

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FDM-Mdx - Introduction to FDM

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Meet the Department for Transport team

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