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How to complete the final reports.

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Grading Academic Skills

How to grade the Academic Skills exam on My Learning.

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Standardisation with Chris

Chris Hellman covers standardisation of the pre-sessional assessment.

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Giving portfolio feedback

Fintan and Nancy show how to give and standardise useful and appropriate feedback on the final portfolio task.

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Academic Lexis with Carl Ridler

Carl Ridler discusses how he deals with academic lexis.

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Anne's induction day three

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Optimising small group talk

Watch a small group discussion and evaluate it (Plenary) ​ Brainstorm factors affecting quality group talk (Plenary on Padlet)​ How to address the challenges (group work – Padlet)​ Designing…

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Cross Cultural Difference, Soft Skills Development and Interview Preparation Workshop

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You Learned To Do It Quite Well? - Lucy Bennett (Fri)

Contains adult themes that may disturb some audience members. A look at the shared female experience throughout history. Somebodies guilty. Maybe all of them together? But, if they stick to their…

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Rec- Mar 30, 2022 1:56 PM - MUM_Law2110.mp4

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Rec- Mar 22, 2022 12:45 PM - MUM_Law2110.mp4

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International Mobility _ All you need to know

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