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Monoprinting for Textiles

Screen Printing Techniques: Monoprinting Textiles Using your screen to create multicoloured hand-painted textures and designs without over saturating your fabrics. This is a really versatile…

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How to Screen Print with Stencils

This excellent video shows you the simple steps in screen printing a tea towel, using a simple stencil, a screen and eco-friendly water-based inks. Produced by HOME-WORK designers and printers in…

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Screen Printing with Hinge Clamps

A quick overview: what the set-up should look like! how to attach your clamps and screen how to adjust the clamps Video produced by Dyslexia Laboratory, Indonesia.

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Hand Screen Printing in Repeat for Production: Kudhinda Fabrics, Africa

A beautiful film showing hand screen printing at a production scale. + Think about the techniques these highly skilled artisans use to print long lengths of fabric, how will you need to adapt your…

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Screen Printing for textiles at Zandra Rhodes studio

A short film giving a wonderful overview of the textiles design and making process from hand-drawn design to screen printing to sewing and final garment all filmed at Zandra Rhodes' studio in…

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CMYK Screen Printing Part 2

Part 2: Taino Ink shows how he screen prints CMYK (four colour process), registering tips and the best order to follow printing the colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black See Part 1 for how to…

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CMYK Separation Printing Part 1

Part1: Tanio Ink shows us how he separates CMYK using Adobe Photoshop, he shares useful tips to obtain halftone value using a simple formula, and other screen printing advice. He works with t-shirts…

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