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EPP Session_18 June 2024_Creating a Career Development_Zee Mohammed

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EPP_13 June 2024_Smart Applications_Dominic Laskowski

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Rec - Jun 13, 2024 11:21 AM - MRU Presentation CAPE

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EPP_11 June 2024_Writing a CV with Chat GPT_Matt Lewis

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Rec - Mar 16, 2024 1:34 PM - Research Symposium

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Kaltura Quiz Part 2: Settings and Quiz Results

This video will walk you through the Quiz settings and how to find the quiz results.

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International Student Session_Working in the UK

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Session 1d- ALTC 2023

Optimising employability in film/television – preparing students for career success through collaborative assessment (Presentation) - Matt Lewis Working better together: Collaborative…

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Session 3a - ALTC 2023

Session 3a - ALTC 2023 Exploring engagement and success with employability support offered to Accounting & Finance students (Plenary/Discussion) - Alison Broughton

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EPP_Get Into Teaching

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Residential Education: Experiential Learning and Skills for Employment

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1a session clipped

Session 1A

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Session 5b - MDX Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

Learning from Labour: Critical pedagogy for working students

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Session 2b - MDX Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

MDX Graduates and the competencies of the future working force - employers’ perception in Mauritius

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EPP 2023_How to talk about yourself like a superhero

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EPP 2023_What is the public sector?

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