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Rec- Oct 6, 2022 11:11 AM - MUM_2022_23_MGT3014_Innovation Management.mp4

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Rec- Mar 23, 2022 4:05 PM - BMS2125 Live lectures.mp4

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Academic Integrity Online Assessments

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Rec- Dec 7, 2021 10:34 AM - MUM_CST 3340.mp4

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Rec- Nov 29, 2021 5:02 PM - MUM_4510_2021_2022.mp4

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Middlesex Strategy 2031 (12/10/2021)

Online session for partners, 12 October 2021 Professor Nic Beech, Vice-Chancellor Middlesex University London

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Learning and Teaching Practices (5/10/2021)

Online session for partners, 5 October 2021 Marta Sobotka, Senior Academic Developer, CAPE Amil Mohanan, Educational Technologist, CAPE

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FNA2590 Critical Practice - Intro week - What Is Critical Practice?

This records the class discussion after groupwork thinking about what "critical practice" might be, and the ways that art might be a critical practice. Please note, this is primarily audio,…

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Entrepreneurship and Self-employment

Being self-employed or running your own business are also viable career pathways that might suit you better than working on a full-time contract for an organisation. This session will help you…

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New Horizons May 2021 - 3 Tzaikerks with introduction by Anne Donnelly

Tzaikerk Sculptural/Processional/Theatrical + Introduction by Anne Donnelly - New Horizons - A Dancing Festival - May 2021 Choreography: Sarah Sulemanji/Sia╠én Hopkins/Sir Robert Cohan CBE Performed…

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ACI Pop-Up - Creative Superpowers & Starting your Freelancing Career

Creative Superpowers Join Daniele Fiandaca from 'We are Utopia' for a presentation and Q&A session on the Creative Superpowers you’ll need to kickstart your creative…

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QAHE - How to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic (from partner perspective)

Online Session for Partners, 20 October 2020 Our partner institution QA is sharing their experience how to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in summer 2020. Christina Malcolmson, Associate Dean &…

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LYNCH, David . Where Great Ideas Come From. USA

Animation narrated by David Lynch, talking about how and where he finds ideas.

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Making group-work work

Winner of the ALT-EPIGEUM Award for Most Effective Use of Video 2009: Peter Hartley, LearnHigher Team, University of Bradford. The awards: The winner:…

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