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Cross Cultural Difference, Soft Skills Development and Interview Preparation Workshop

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MDX Career Festival 2022 - Wednesday 9th Feb

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Thursday 17th Feb 2022 (the Brand house, SD Worx, Little Big Connection, Crowe ATA, Talent Lab, DTOS)

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International Mobility _ All you need to know

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How to prepare for the Job Market (focus about IT Job market)

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Red Carnation Hotels

Management Programmes and Internships with one of the finest luxury hotel collections in the world, voted the number four best hotel brand in the world by Travel+Leisure. Searching for special people…

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Diverse placement opportunities in Europe and internationally, available for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, as well as recent graduates and alumni.

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Breaking down job descriptions (Job boards)

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Applying for summer internships or work experience

Internships are a great way to get to know the industry you want to work for as well as giving you some practical skills. Not only this but, it will also make your CV more attractive to an employer…

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A Career with Big Bang 360

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Career Pathways in the Legal Field – An insight from BLC Roberts and Associates

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Transform Society: The Graduate Jobs Market

Guest Presentation: The Graduate Jobs MarketIn this session you will hear all about the Graduate Recruitment Market and get to ask questions to James Darley, CEO Transform Society who has over 23…

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Your Creative CV

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