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Rec- Dec 7, 2021 6:03 PM - MGT_MUM_4550_MRU_2021.mp4

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Quality Processes

Video from Link Tutor Workshop Day-2 (11 November 2021)

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Video from Link Tutor Workshop Day-1 (10 November 2021)

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Middlesex Strategy 2031 (12/10/2021)

Online session for partners, 12 October 2021 Professor Nic Beech, Vice-Chancellor Middlesex University London

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Dr Eromona Whiskey, Consultant Mental Health Pharmacist, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

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Rec- Sep 28, 2021 4:57 PM - MUM_MGT4550_2021.mp4

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New Horizons May 2021 - Intertwined

Intertwined - New Horizons - A Dancing Festival - May 2021 Choreography created in collaboration between Sarah Sulemanji, Sia╠én Hopkins & dancers. Performed by third year MDX BA Dance students …

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New Horizons May 2021 - Full Programme - Broadcast compilation v2

New Horizons - A Dancing Festival - Full Programme May 2021 Tzaikerk (Sculptural/Processional/Theatrical); Memory Stack; Intertwined; No One Ever Tells Us; In The Midst; B Minor In Springtime;…

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Session recording pt 1.mp4

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Quality Processes (9/2/2021)

Link Tutor Workshop Presentation from 9 February 2021 Nicola Johnson, Deputy Head of Academic Quality Assurance Alison Coates, Quality Enhancement Manager Academic Quality Service

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Resilience and bouncing back from adversity

Join Student Wellbeing Coordinator Vanessa and PG student and Communications Team member Evana to learn about resilience and bouncing back from adversity.

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The Age of Stupid is a 2009 British documentary film directed by Franny Armstrong, with first-time producer Lizzie Gillett. The executive producer is John Battsek.

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Globalization II - Good or Bad?: Crash Course World History #42

In which John asks whether globalization is a net positive for humanity. While the new global economy has created a lot of wealth, and lifted a lot of people out of poverty, it also has some effects…

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What the company of the future will look like | FT

The continuing attempt to restore trust in business - badly damaged during the financial crisis - has led to a shift in corporate purpose. The FT's Andrew Hill examines what is driving it and…

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Report out - Video Storage - Simen Waage

This year I took part in the continuous improvement practitioner training arranged by the BET team at Middlesex University. The training provided me with useful tools and a network of people working…

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